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Cyprus: Accreditation and upgrading of the Post-Secondary Institutes of Vocational Education and Training (2/2017)

The post-secondary institutes of vocational education and training (PSIVET) were accredited in April 2017 by the Quality Assurance and Certification Agency for Higher Education to public schools of higher vocational education and training. The accreditation of the programmes of study offered by PSIVET at higher education level is considered as an important development as it contributes to a great extent towards the aim of further strengthening vocational education and training in Cyprus.


Since 2012 the successful operation of PSIVET, a project co-financed by the European Social Fund, has contributed in reducing and restraining unemployment as well as reducing the skills mismatch. Based on statistical data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, the employability rate of PSIVET graduates in some programmes exceeds 85%, while employment rates of other young graduates with strong academic qualifications still remain at a lower level.


PSIVET, as a public school of higher vocational education and training, offers two-year accredited programmes (NQF level 5B, ISCED level 5), which can also be recognised by universities in the case of graduates who wish to pursue university studies in a relevant field. Furthermore, the upgrading of PSIVET provides new opportunities for developing academic cooperation with other higher education institutions both in Cyprus and abroad.


The accredited two-year programmes offered during the academic year 2017-18 are: bakery and confectionery, purchasing and supply management – shipping, computer and communication network, electrical and industrial refrigeration installations, organic vegetable crops, dairy science and technology – cheese making and CNC technology – woodworking industry.



Source: ReferNet Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture

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