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Short News

Short News

The HRDA, as the Cyprus ReferNet National Coordinator, provides Cedefop with news on recent developments and new initiatives in vocational education and training policy to be included in the Cedefop newsletter.

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Cyprus: Hack for skills –a skills challenge competition (3/2023) - EN

Cyprus: action plan approval for the European Year of Skills (2/2023) - EN

Cyprus: study results on labour demand and supply (1/2023) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: Lifelong learning strategy 2021-27 (3/2022) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: a new digital portal for the Human Resource Development Authority of Cyprus (2/2022) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: VET programmes combat hospitality sector labour shortages and rural depopulation (1/2022) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: evaluating the impact of the system of vocational qualifications (SVQ) (3/2021) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: training programmes for the young on traditional handicraft techniques (2/2021) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: cross-country cooperation for robotics curriculum development (1/2021) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: Youth Board’s Covid-19 working group conclusions (3/2020) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: Responses to the Covid-19 outbreak (2/2020) - ΕΝ

Cyprus: changing e-learning procedures in CVET (1/2020) – ΕΝ 

Cyprus: New IVET programmes address shipping industry labour market needs  (4/2019) – EN

Cyprus: E-platform for data collection and employability  (3/2019) – EN

Cyprus: Erasmus+ mobility boosts employability (2/2019) – EN

Cyprus: Increasing VET attractiveness through robotics (1/2019) – ΕΝ

Cyprus: measures to upgrade VET (4/2018) – EN

Cyprus: access to training programmes for all registered unemployed (3/2018) - EN 

Cyprus: 2018 Education and training monitor (2/2018) - ΕΝ